Newest addition to our fleet


Meet ZEA our newest addition to our company.  She is a GA8 Airvan all the way from Australia, we now have three in our fleet and we have already put her to good use flying to Milford Sound.

ZEA are the initials for Janet and Robert Rutherfords four offspring, Zoe, Emily, Andrew & Amy.  However all aircraft registrations in NZ are only 3 letters long.

Autumn is upon us


Flying in this spectacular region is getting more colourful as Autumn is falling upon us, the leaves are adding glorious reds and golds to the beautiful landscape.

Glorious Summer


We are all enjoying glorious weather for flying on all our tours. 

Come and join us and see this amazing countryside for yourself.

Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit


The defining chapter of the Middle earth saga 'The Battle of the Five Armies' has been released.

Glenorchy Air has operated air & land tours since the 'Fellowship of the Rings' was released.  These have proved to be very popular. 

This mystical and surreal landscape which has enthralled Rings fans around the world is our environment, it's where we fly.

We would like to share these special places with you as we take you on a journey back to Middle Earth.



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