Glenorchy Air fleet consists of high-wing aircraft with every passenger guaranteed a window seat. This gives all our passengers the best possible views and photo opportunities on every flight. Head phones are provided for each passenger to listen to the insightful commentary provided by the pilot. Glenorchy Air has been operating in this region for over 27 years and are a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) certificated operator. Our modern fleet maintenance schedules comply with New Zealand Civil Aviation safety standards and our maintenance is carried out by Performance Aviation.



Glenorchy Air have been operating with this model aircraft since 2003 and have recently added a fourth GA8 to our fleet after the great feedback and performance of our first one. The GA8 Airvan takes 7 passengers in comfort with 3 point harnesses, headsets to hear the pilots commentary and window seats with unimpeded views for all passengers. The GA8 Airvan's are of a new design that emphasises safety, certified in 2003 by the Australian company Gippsland Aeronautics.

They are powered by a 300 horsepower Lycoming IO-540 6 cylinder engine. They cruise at approximately 130 knots (240km/hr) with a maximum range of 730 nautical miles (1350km).

Number in Fleet: 4

Passengers: 7



Glenorchy Air is proud to announce that we have a brand-new, custom-built aircraft joining our fleet December 2019!

The Cessna 206 has been described as the SUV of the skies. In production for decades, this aircraft is a well-proven stalwart of general aviation. The newest iteration of this aeroplane, the HD model, brings gains in speed, safety, and comfort to this classic design. 

Our luxuriously equipped Cessna 206 HD has been purchased brand new from the Cessna factory in Wichita, Kansas and features the latest Garmin G1000 NXI glass cockpit avionics, comfortable leather seats, noise-cancelling headsets and many safety features, including airbags in the seat belts.

The 206 has a 6-cylinder turbo-charged Lycoming engine, producing 310 horsepower at all altitudes, giving it an excellent rate of climb and a cruise speed of around 150 knots, making it ideal for our longer trips. As with all the aircraft in our fleet, all passengers will enjoy window seats with excellent visability.

Number in Fleet: 1

Passengers: 5