Stewart Island | Rakiura is the third island of New Zealand and furthest south. Meaning "glowing skies", a reference to the southern lights, aurora australis, which can sometimes be seen from the island. Over 85% of Stewart Island is Rakiura National Park, making it a paradise for birdwatching and hiking the over 280 kms of walking tracks. Stewart Island is home to the brown kiwi/Tokoeka, outnumbering humans 50 to 1 and the only place to see them in their natural habitat in all of New Zealand.

There are lots of great activities to do, from short walks along the coastline or amongst the rainforests and wetlands to visiting the predator-free sanctuary of Ulva Island.

The ultimate bucket list-worthy day trip! This guided trip on Stewart Island starts with a multistop road tour, taking you through the cultural and historical side of the island. Next, you’ll continue on a marine and land-based guided experience, including a cruise around Paterson Inlet and a walk on Ulva Island Wildlife Sanctuary.

Explore Stewart Island at your own pace. This excursion is a true kiwi experience. Fly with us from Queenstown to the remote Ryan’s Creek Aerodrome on stunning Stewart Island. This is a self-guided day where you can choose how you spend your time, from an adventure-packed itinerary to spending a leisurely day birdwatching or walking.

Return to Queenstown with a scenic flight from Stewart Island. Whether you’ve been walking the Rakiura Track, accomplished the challenging North Coast Circuit, or spent a few relaxing nights in paradise, our modern fleet can bring you back to Queenstown in just over an hour on a stunning scenic flight.