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Queenstown | Tāhuna, our home, is a place of beauty; a landscape like no other with mountains rising out of the lake's shore; casting shadows over the town in the evening and as the sun sets revealing a pink hue that takes your breath away. Often like us, you probably find yourself looking out across the lake staring out at the vast body of water in front of you wondering how this town can get any more picturesque. Join us and discover our backyard like you've never seen before. See the peaks, valleys and your home. Explore areas you didn't know existed as our pilots take you to their favourite places across the region. Truly appreciate Queenstown's beauty from our windows as we share what we do every day.

The Mt. Aspiring + The Glaciers flight is stunning beyond belief. Depart Queenstown Airport for an incredible scenic flight around Mt. Aspiring, the glaciers of the Barrier Range and the Olivine Ice Plateau. Explore from the air the dazzling Passchendaele Icefall, the white expanse of the Bonar Glacier and the perfect symmetry of Mt Aspiring, the Southern Alps’ most beautiful mountain which rises majestically two miles high. Your return flight passes via the gold mining area of the Skippers Canyon.

The Earnslaw Burn + The Glaciers flight is an incredible way to view Queenstown’s surrounding glaciers. Embrace the chance to discover some of New Zealand’s most spectacular scenery from the air on this scenic flight and take in the incredible glaciers of Mt. Earnslaw. Mt. Earnslaw/Pikirakatahi, stands 2,819-metres high and consists of twin peaks, the second and third highest peaks of Otago. Enjoy views of Glenorchy township, the braided rivers of the Rees-Dart Valley and Lake Wakatipu.