Lord of the Rings

One Ring Tour – Land Tour

Our land tour showcases the beautiful Wakatipu basin. Travel in comfortable four-wheel drive air-conditioned vehicles, which stop for you to walk and see the locations. You will visit the River Anduin – Pillars of the King, Ford of Bruinen and the Battle of Amon Hen, where Aragon fights the Orcs.


Two Ring Tour – Our most popular Lord of the Rings Tour

By air, see the locations for the river Anduin, Ford of Bruinen, the Rohan camp at Dunharrow and Nen Hithoel, where Frodo saved Sam from drowning. Included is a landing by the locations of Lothlorien, the battle of Amon Hen, where Boromir is struck down, Fangorn Forest and Saruman's Tower at Isengard.


Three Ring Tour

Glenorchy Air's 'Three Rings' trilogy trail is for the Lord of the Rings connoisseur. We journey through the stark beauty of the central South island. The tour includes landings at major movie locations and a picnic lunch.