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To cruise or to explore Milford Sound?

The most common question people have when planning their trip to Milford Sound is whether or not it’s worth it to jump on a cruise. For some, the answer is easy – if you prefer to check things out at your own pace or from the comfort of land (i.e. if you are not a […]

Stay in Milford Sound a little while longer with our Milford Sound Ultimate Overnight Experience

Our latest product offering is one for the bucket list! Spend 2 days in majestic Fiordland, soaking up the stunning natural beauty from all aspects of land, sea and sky. Our Milford Sound Ultimate Overnight Experience includes an unforgettable journey into the heart of Milford Sound by coach, a cruise aboard a spacious, modern catamaran, an overnight stay at Milford Sound Lodge and finishes with a return scenic flight to Queenstown.